The Purpose of a Licensed Bail Bonds Man in Wyoming

The initial step is concluding if the defendant qualifies for a bond.

The agent reviews the background of the defendant to decide if he/she is a flight risk, or likely to appear in court. The bondsman also considers the candidates capacity to return the bond fee and meet the financial consequences of not appearing in court. The bail representative analyzes an applicant, in the same manner, a salesman would. A decision approve surety bond is made when the agent is comfortable that the accused will appear in court as required, which means bond payment is paid to the agency.


After you have qualified for a bond, a fee is collected and paperwork is completed.

The paperwork is then formally filed with the court formalizing the Bond, resulting in the defendants’ release.


The bond is intended to ensure his/her appearance. When a Bondsman’s client neglects to appear, a Bondsman is usually expected to track down, apprehend and bring the defendant to jail or present him before the court.